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This is a fight for the heart and soul of America

America was built on religious freedom, to shut the Church is to kill America.

There is a constitutional crisis occurring right before our very eyes in America. Many of the governors of various states see the freedom of religion as something they can step over anytime they choose. In this instance they’ve used public health and safety to silence the church. Opposing scientific opinions have been silenced, big tech is censoring conservative thought. The last thing that can defeat this giant is the local church.

If we allow the forces that want to take away our first amendment rights to win in America we will be no different than China, Iran, or Vietnam. Our children and our grandchildren will be raised in a nation where the government controls every aspect of their lives. They will live in a society where Caesar not Christ is God. America would become like any other communistic nation on the earth – totalitarian, ungodly, and impoverished.


We have fundamental rights given to us via the US Constitution. One of these rights is the freedom of Worship.


Churches were unfairly targeted during the pandemic.

As of the end of April 2020 only 15 States were still allowing churches to gather and worship God without limititation while many other states lismited congregations to 10 or fewer or completely shut down the church from gathering all together. While this was happening big box stores were aloud to usher in hundreds of patrons at a time.


Nevada Casinos operate at 50% while the Church is limited to 50 people per service.

Earlier this summer Nevada reopened it’s casinos with a capicity limit of 50% no matter the size of the facility. Meanwhile, voting 5-4, the Supreme Court rebuffed Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley, a Reno-area church that said the state was unconstitutionally discriminating by imposing stricter requirements on church services than on Las Vegas casinos.This ruling enforced that churches were not aloud to have more than 50 people in attendance, regardless the size of their facility.


California singled out singing in church while allowing protestors to scream in the streets.

In July 2020, California public health authorities published guidelines for places of worship and religious services that said congregations must “discontinue singing and chanting activities.”
Meanwhile tens of thousands of protestors have gathered across California and other states, packed together like sardines fully able to scream and chant. If you’re allowed to chant ‘Hey hey, ho ho, racism’s got to go’ but you can’t chant the liturgy in a small church, it’s an obviously discrimination


Kentucky issues a mass ban on churches while Kentucky Derby hosts 23,000 patrons.

After banning Churches from in-peron meeting and worship during Easter, a federal court halted the Kentucky governor’s ban on mass gatherings from applying to in-person religious services. The ruling affirms that the law prohibits the government from treating houses of worship differently than secular activities during this pandemic.

Leaders who have spoken up to defend God, America, and the freedom of religion


Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right to assemble peacefully. By signing the petition, you pledge that you will exercise these sacred rights, your church will be open, and you will welcome all healthy people in your communities to attend and physically participate in services.