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America was built on religious freedom, to shut the Church is to kill America.

There is a constitutional crisis occurring right before our very eyes in America. Many of the governors of various states see the freedom of religion as something they can step over anytime they choose. In this instance they’ve used public health and safety to silence the church. Opposing scientific opinions have been silenced, big tech is censoring conservative thought. The last thing that can defeat this giant is the local church.

If we allow the forces that want to take away our first amendment rights to win in America we will be no different than China, Iran, or Vietnam. Our children and our grandchildren will be raised in a nation where the government controls every aspect of their lives. They will live in a society where Caesar not Christ is God. America would become like any other communistic nation on the earth – totalitarian, ungodly, and impoverished.

Who will stand up for the church and religious liberty?

Where do you turn when the state is the one coming after you?

God and the Church. We must awaken the Pastors and leaders of the Local Church. Jesus Christ is revealed in scripture as both the Lion and the Lamb.

Wisdom shows us when to be the lamb and when to be the lion. We currently need to call the lion out of America’s clergymen. We will do this by forming strong bonds with pastors, standing with them in the face of government overreach, resource them through ongoing education, and connect them with the appropriate legal help. If we can set the pulpits ablaze with righteousness, we can change the Church, city, state, and ultimately the US! We need to assemble and push our leaders out of fear and into faith.

Help us in our challenge to bring light to religious discriminiation, enforce your first amendment rights and protect America from the powers and principalities that wish to destroy a country built on a firm foundation of faith and Christian values. This is the war of your lifetime.

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