Peaceably Gather Founder Leads Pastor Prayer March in CHAZ/CHOP Movement Calling Pastors and Christian Citizens to Seattle, WA to Pray for the City and America from Tuesday, June 23 to Thursday, June 25

(WASHINGTON, DC—June 22, 2020)—, a growing national movement of religious leaders reclaiming the moral leadership of America’s pulpits, is holding a “Peaceably Gather” Prayer March in the CHAZ/CHOP zone of Seattle, WA this week to pray boldly for healing of racial divisions, bring unity, and to appeal to heaven to come to the aid of America as Providence has done so often in the past.

WHO: Pastor Brian Gibson, founder of the Peaceably Gather movement, a diverse group of respected pastors and Christian citizens

WHAT: Peaceably Gather—Prayer March in Seattle CHAZ/CHOP Area

WHEN: Tuesday, June 23rd to Tuesday, June 25th


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About Pastor Gibson and HIS Church— Pastor Brian Gibson is Senior Pastor of HIS Church, a nondenominational church with congregations in Owensboro, KY and Henderson, KY as well as in Amarillo, TX and Dumas, TX. He is founder of the Peaceably Gather movement.

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