NEW VIDEO from CHOP AREA of SEATTLE: In Response to Radicals Calling for the Desecration of Houses of Worship, Pastor Brian Gibson and Fellow Pastors Announce They Will Defend Houses of Worship to the Full Extent of the Law


(SEATTLE, WA—June 25, 2020)—Megachurch Pastor Brian Gibson, founder of the movement announced today that the organization has launched the Church Defense Initiative, to protect churches and their property after radicals issued calls this week to desecrate houses of worship.

“I have personally been on the ground in CHAZ/CHOP, and seen the wanton destruction that violent agitators carried out against people and property. These are no longer protests by citizens, these are deliberate acts of violence and vandalism from anti-American groups that seek to undo our country’s history and our religious heritage.” said Pastor Gibson. “Churches will always welcome those seeking refuge and relief, but when evil people attempt to damage and destroy we will exercise our full legal rights, as well as our rights to defend ourselves and our properties with physical force. History is full of examples that when religious images and symbols are attacked what follows shortly thereafter is attacks on the people, and we will not allow that to happen in our communities.”



The Church Defense Initiative is a declaration that:

  • Churches will prosecute any vandals or agitators to the full extent of the law, including seeking hate crime designations for any attempt to desecrate church property or religious symbols
  • Hold government leaders responsible who refuse to respond to church and property attacks
  • Asserts the rights of churches to use physical force to protect their property and safety if absolutely necessary.



About Pastor Gibson and HIS Church— Pastor Brian Gibson is Senior Pastor of HIS Church, a nondenominational church with congregations in Owensboro, KY and Henderson, KY as well as in Amarillo, TX and Dumas, TX. He is founder of the Peaceably Gather movement.

About First Liberty Institute— First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans.

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