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Attend church in person. Don’t accept the shut down anymore.

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Action 2:


Speak out. Use whatever platforms you have to speak against the discrimination of the church in America.

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Email Draft:

Dear Pastor [Pastor’s Name],

This has been one of the most trying times in the modern history of the Church. Thank you for your love and care for the people of God! I’ve been a senior pastor for almost 17 years. I never considered this type of religious discrimination to come to the shores of our great nation.

I know that we are facing complex issues in our church bodies. There are tyrannical government overreaches that violate our first amendment rights. We face criticism from the outside and the inside of our congregations. We are facing a prolonged crisis and we must be the leader that charts the course of the church.

Throughout the history of the church, it has ministered through plague, pestilence, famine, and war. America needs the doors of the church opened today! Pastor, I want to encourage you to open the doors of your church! Stand against the violation of our first amendment rights! It’s time we let Christ control our leadership and not Cesar.

You are not alone. There are other pastors, attorneys, political leaders, and good Christian people from every walk of life who will stand with you. is the organization that I lead. We seek to help Pastors across the nation take heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world even in the midst of crisis. I want to resource you with legal help, fellowship, strategies, and spiritual encouragement to help you open the doors of your church and to keep them open.

Dear Mayor {Representative’s Title and Name},

We, the church, are your partner in the community. Like you, we are charged with the well-being of this city. Unlike you, we are also charged with the spiritual and emotional stewardship of our people. Just as you administer the laws, we are your partner to minister to the citizens who those laws exist for.

We would like to talk about how we can work together for the good of our community.

Talking points:

THE CHURCH HAS BEEN A BLESSING TO OUR STATE. What would our state look like without the charity and spiritual care provided to your constituents by our religious organizations? These organizations show up with compassion in our community’s darkest days. The Church is essential to produce a healthy community.

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO STAND STRONG FOR OUR RIGHTS REGARDING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Please stand strong against tyrannical overreaches of power against the Church at every level of Government. We are counting on you to stand against any legislation or orders that violate the 1st Amendment.

IF YOU STAND WITH THE CHURCH, WE WILL STAND WITH YOU. We are a powerful voting block and are more unified than ever before because of the pressures placed upon us due to COVID. We can make a powerful ally.