When the virus first hit we complied with the government suggestions and shut down our services for a period of time. Our church went online. We put together a drive-through Easter egg hand out service for children on Easter weekend. There were less than 10 workers, all socially distanced, masked and gloved, and the health department showed up and shut us down.

We complied on that day but we shouldn’t have. The people from my church were looking across the parking lot at McDonald’s, Starbucks, and the liquor store all serving their patrons in a drive-through capacity. The message was loud and clear – the church isn’t sophisticated enough to give kids Easter eggs in a drive-through capacity.


We decided that this was indeed religious discrimination and that we wouldn’t be silent about it. Our church organized a parking lot communion service. Where we would pass out communion elements and violate the mandate from Governor Beasher.

We called all of the local media outlets and told them we were going to celebrate our first amendment rights and worship the Lord through communion. We had a wonderful night, people showed up and worshiped, the press came out and wrote positive articles about us. They could see we weren’t illogical and that we were acting responsibly. I promise you the church cares more about the health of its parishioners than any superstore cares about it’s patrons.


After this the concept for peaceably was born. We decided that we would open up our church in defiance to Governor Beshear’s order. We put out a website and a video encouraging faith leaders from all over the country to stand against religious discrimination and open the doors to their houses of worship. If we lay down right now our children and grandchildren will pay the price.

Hundreds of churches opened the first week that we called for them to open up on the 17th of May. Over the course of the next few weeks thousands of Churches locked arms and opened up prior to their Governor’s unconstitutional lockdowns.

MAY 14

The movement gained national attention and was covered by Fox News, Washington Times, OAN, CBN, The Christian Post, Huckabee, and literally hundreds of other sources.

MAY 24

Peaceably Gather traveled to Chicago Illinois to come alongside Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church. They were one of the most persecuted churches in America.

The local police towed their cars, blocked their entrances, and threatened their church with abatement – the ability to tear it down without due process.

As we ministered there God did a miracle, Mayor Lightfoot overplayed her hand against the church. It put pressure on the governor of Illinois and he opened up the churches before standing in front of Justice Cavanaugh.


When the racial protests and riots broke out after the death of George Floyd. Peaceably Gather went into the DC riots and preached peace on the streets right in front of the White House. We prayed for everyone from black panthers all the way down to kids wanting equal rights. We saw God touch many people.


Peaceably Gather traveled to CHOP/CHAZ and ministered the gospel in the autonomous zone for 6 days. Ministers came from around the country to


Peaceably Gather traveled to Thousand Oaks California to unite with God Speak Calvary Church and Pastor McCoy. He had a restraining order issued against him and up to 1000 congregants that might attend church on Sunday morning. Ministers came from around the country to potentially be arrested with Pastor McCoy.